For your well-being during your stay, Boulogne-sur-Mer marina offers various services.

Our team will be pleased to give you help if you need to get a taxi, to book in a restaurant, to know bus or train timetable...) but also to give you great recommandation on what to do and visit in Boulogne, best restaurants and bars in town. Feel free to ask !

  • The Club House, within 5 minutes’ walk of all shops (bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants etc). Find out here our great deals that the marina staff has negociated for you
  • Laundry: 2 washing machines and 2 dryers are available to use.
  • Fresh water, accessible from the installation on each pontoon
  • Electricity (220V / 16A) included, available from terminals on all the pontoons
  • Wastewater pumping station
  • Toilets and showers (access with card, given when registered at the marina office
  • 2 trolleys at your disposal in each basin to carry on luggage or heavy stuff
  • NEW 2018: Automated external defibrillator (AED) located outside the marina office
  • NEW 2018: Bike rack located outside the marina office (also available in Napoleon basin

  • A free WIFI network allows you to connect to the Internet on the outer harbour and the Napoleon Basin. An Internet point is also available in the Club House.

  • Waste sorting area: on each basin, the waste sorting area helps protect the environment.
  • Video surveillance
  • Meteorology: a weather bulletin is displayed once a day at the Club House informing you of the different variations and weather changes.
  • Baby corner.
  • Animals allowed.

  • Fuel: At Quai Chanzy (Chanzy Quay), you can refuel at the G.O. pump (open 3 hours before and after high tide).
  • Grounding grill.
  • Careening area located on the ship repair platform.
  • Boat lifting carried out by a boat hoist in the Napoleon Basin.

Alcium Pêche
Sale of fishing equipment Quai Chanzy, 3 minute’s walk from the marina.

Tel. : 03 21 80 82 53

Flagler Sailing
Boat sales, chandlery and accessories, sale of technical and outdoor clothing.

3 minutes walk from the marina.

Tel. : 03 21 33 90 75

Sailly Uninautic
Sales of new and used boats, chandlery, repairs to all makes, maintenance of all engines, working and safety clothing.

13-15 Rue du Docteur Duchenne 62200 Boulogne sur Mer

Tél. : 06 52 91 98 40

Cycle hiring ``CYCLECO``
Rent a traditionnal or electrical cycle in Cycleco for a couple of hours or for a day and visit the surroundings. They are located only 2 minutes foot from the marina office (just after the bridge).

Cycleco website